WINS members kick off the 2013 Wage Campaign

wage-campaign-2013-badgeWith the Governor’s budget for 2014-15 set to be released in November, Colorado WINS members are coming together to ask Governor John Hickenlooper to include at least a 3% base building increase for all state employees in his budget proposal.

The request comes after the 2014-15 Total Compensation Report, which compares private and public sector salaries, showed that state employees were underpaid by an average of 3.8% compared to the market median.

A minimum 3% base building increase allows all state workers to keep pace with this year’s inflation rate, which impacts us all, no matter how we score on our performance evaluation. In light of this, we are asking the governor to set aside additional funding for the merit pay increases, which play an important role in motivating, retaining and moving workers through their pay ranges.

As the economy recovers and revenue projections improve, stagnant employee wages need to rebound as well. The State is Colorado’s largest employer and the wages of state employees have a direct economic impact in all 64 counties across Colorado. If state employees are falling behind that impact is felt throughout Colorado. A 3% increase for state workers is a starting point that can get the Colorado economy moving forward again.

Click here to download our Wage Campaign postcards you can print off at home.

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