Press Release: Gov Signs Budget, State Employees Get a Raise for Second Year in a Row

2.5% Base-Building Increase, 1% Merit Higher Than Last Year, Will Help State Workers Contribute To Colorado’s Economic Recovery

On Wednesday, April 30, Governor Hickenlooper signed the 2014-1015 Colorado State Budget. For the second year in a row, Colorado’s state employees will get a raise, which will help them and their families contribute to the state’s economic recovery. The 2.5% base-building raise is a half-point improvement over last year’s 2% increase. The state budget also includes a 1% merit increase and a streamlining of the state’s timekeeping system to better ensure workers are paid fairly.

“We’d like to thank the Governor and legislators for helping to keep our economy moving forward by supporting working families in Colorado,” said Tim Markham, Executive Director of Colorado WINS. “This builds on the momentum we started last year to help state employees and the communities that depend on them. State workers play a vital role in the day-to-day lives of Coloradans, providing public services and contributing to the economy. Colorado is the state’s biggest employer, and what happens to public employees has a ripple effect across the state, from Sterling to Delta.

The bottom line is that after four years of pay freezes and cuts, state workers have gotten raises two years in a row with more to aim for next year, and held down health care costs. We will continue to build on this success moving forward.”

According to Alex Barnes, an officer at the Arkansas Valley Corrections Facility and a member of the Colorado WINS Department of Corrections unit, “WINS has in my opinion had a very successful last couple of years with the passing of SB-210 and the raises last year. Our health care costs have actually dropped some and not been raised. We got raises this year and last. Momentum has shifted in our favor and I’m more motivated than ever before.”

According to Delta Corrections employee John Barron, “We spend our money in local economies and help contribute to the state’s economic health. A raise for state employees means that next year, Colorado’s economy will be even stronger.”

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