This is the union difference: the raise is here

raise-is-here-FBFor the second year in a row, Colorado WINS members secured a raise for their fellow state employees.

This was not an easy victory. The Wage Campaign, which we began last November, took us through six months of intensive work to make sure that our commitment to making Colorado a great state was appreciated.

While last year’s raise was the biggest in 5 years, the increase we fought so hard for was still slightly less than the rate of inflation. Now that our economy is recovering it is time for state workers to share in that recovery.

We need to make sure that our hard work is rewarded. The goal of our union is to create a fair economy in which public sector workers have a stable foundation on which to rely.

In times of economic insecurity, the union is our voice. The only way to make this voice heard by legislators who make the decisions about your pay and benefits is to join the fight by becoming a member.

This is the right time to grow our ranks. As DPA’s Salary Survey letter is released we are already setting our sights on the next Wage Campaign. With more members we can make sure that any increase we secure for 2015 brings our pay closer in line with our private and public sector counterparts.

This year’s Salary Survey, which DPA releases annually, highlights what many state workers already know: there needs to be more fairness and economic security for public employees. State workers are falling behind and the state is losing qualified and valuable employees to private businesses and other public employers.

Our work matters to nearly 5 million citizens. We keep this state running day in and day out, clearing our roads, working in high-risk environments, caring for our state’s most vulnerable citizens and performing behind-the-scenes work that makes Colorado run. For some state workers a raise that is at minimum inflationary could offset the cost of groceries or mean that a mother could take her daughter out for ice cream1.

In 2014 we made advancements and faced setbacks, eventually securing a 2.5% across the board increase and another 1% in merit pay. In 2015 year, let’s aim for more.

If you’re not a member yet, join Colorado WINS today and become part of the only organization fighting to improve your pay, benefits and working conditions.

We are many people from many departments, but we’re all state workers, looking to be recognized for the hard work we do each and every day. Our best chance to get there is by coming together. Can you help us make that happen?

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