CDOT members elect reps to Performance Plan Review committee

Colorado WINS members in CDOT elected three representatives to speak on behalf of employees as part of the CDOT Performance Plan Review committee.

The Performance Plan Review aims to analyze CDOT’s annual plan. As part of the Governor’s SMART Initiative the review panel incorporates participation from employees at all levels into its performance measurement and strategic planning efforts.

CDOT presented its initial 2014-15 performance plan on Nov. 1 2013. On July 1, 2014 CDOT released an update to the plan after input from WINS representatives.

The elected members reviewed the CDOT Performance Plan and sent the following letter delineating their concerns with the November release of the Performance Plan.

Dear Mr. Manthey;

CDOT Colorado WINS members elected three representatives to staff the CDOT Performance Plan Review for Fiscal Year 2014-15. They are:

  • Sean Lichota, TMII, Cherry Creek
  • Steve Kettelson, CDOT Corporate Circle, TSMO
  • Jules Tomasi, TMI, Empire

The “SMART Team” has used our recent member meetings to discuss the Plan. We have consulted with our fellow CDOT employees and have developed two areas of particular concern. They are:

Safety: The Strategic Initiative on Safety is entirely focused on safety for road users and on fatality and accident metrics. There is no reference or stated concern on metrics involving safety for CDOT staff. This needs to be remedied and metrics possibly developed in comparison to either private contractors engaged in roadbuilding, and/or DOT statistics from other states.

Workforce Development: This area is new to CDOT’s planning process and concerns CDOT’s Education and Professional Development Program. Only two metrics are used, both new. One uses identification of graduates from multiple courses of “CDOT-U” online learning offerings, the second is “Rating of Level 3” of graduates from these courses. Our members feel that this raises a concern with CDOT’s evaluation process: while statewide DPA reports an average rating of Level 3 employees nearing 23.21%, CDOT in 2013 exceeded that level with 26.95%, and is not yet reporting 2014’s figure. We would urge CDOT to report in a more granular fashion, in the interests of transparency, by reporting Level 3 results by job classification to ensure that merit is being recognized across the board.

Further, in a related effort, members feel there is a need to communicate broadly and get input from CDOT workers statewide during this process, which is due to conclude by November, with presentation of the Performance Plan to state legislators. Therefore, they suggest utilizing CDOT area Safety Meetings to disseminate WINS’ members concerns and gather additional input from frontline CDOT employees. This would be done by CDOT WINS members, member retirees and CDOT temporary workers on leave from winter duties, or members normally attending Safety Meetings as part of their assigned duties. There would be little disruption to CDOT work and this is the most appropriate venue with the broadest reach.

Colorado WINS members are supportive of this performance plan review process, have actively engaged with each other and with non-members and are committed to a continuous effort to partner with CDOT management in improving and sustaining the important work of this Department.

Best regards,

Steve Kettelson, Sean Lichota, Jules Tomasi
Colorado WINS Members

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