Do you know your senator?

It’s important to build bridges with the folks who are going to be at the capitol after the election. And it’s important to back those people who are going to be supportive of WINS.

Ultimately, there’s a vision of our union being in statute and not just at the whim of the governor, which is a lot more power for classified employees. The only way we’re going to get more power, if we’re realistic, is to deal with the people in power.

Let’s build more power for the union and for our members in the future. Join me as a Political Action Volunteer.


Tannya Lane, center, with her granddaughter, during a volunteer event for Sen. Rachel Zenzinger.

We’re getting down to the wire in this election season, but it’s not too late to volunteer. When you go door knocking, or you make phone calls, for one of our endorsed candidates it makes you feel like you’re working towards a goal. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel like I’m doing something that is progressive and forward.

You also learn a lot about the candidates and about what goes on behind the scenes that you never read about in the paper, all the while supporting the people you believe in.

When you go door knocking, the candidates and their people make sure that you have everything you need to know before you go out. It’s not complicated, it’s not that hard. It’s a great way to be outdoors, get some exercise and meet your neighbors.

Step away from your everyday chores, become a Political Action Volunteer.

When I volunteered for one of our endorsed candidates I brought my granddaughter with me. She’s only 7, and even if she doesn’t understand politics yet that was a good civics lesson for her. Afterwards, she could go back to 2nd grade and say “I know my senator.” How many other kids can say that?

It’s important for me to get her excited about politics, because it’s dry and boring unless you’re in it. I get really excited about meeting politicians. I was excited to meet Senator Bennet, so I wanted her to be excited too.

Initially, she just kind of walked with me and was staying out on the sidewalk, but that didn’t last long. She wanted to be the one to knock on the door, she wanted to be the one to put the literature on the door if nobody answered.

Every single one of us should know who represents our district and what those people are about. Meet your legislator by becoming a Political Action Volunteer.

I’m from a very strong union family. My dad worked at the steel mill in Pueblo. He was really involved in the safety aspect of operations at the mill and working with the union on safety issues. Let’s keep our union strong by electing politicians who will support us when we need it.

In unity,

Tannya Lane
Community Parole Team Leader, Dept. of Corrections, Division of Adult Parole
Colorado WINS member

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