Making connections to win elections

I truly believe the election this year is incredibly important.

We’ve got a lot of contentious issues and interesting things on the ballot, like the personhood amendment or GMO labeling.

We, as WINS members, should be most interested in electing politicians who are going to do the right things for working people and who will oppose privatization of things that are best taken care of by state employees. It keeps good state jobs in Colorado, for Coloradans.

Given a lot of negative public perception of labor unions and about the political work that we do, it’s important to actually reach out and connect with people of Colorado that we work for. And knocking doors for our endorsed candidates is another way to do it.

claudia-doorknockingThe economy is not in excellent shape right now and the divide between the rich and poor is becoming especially stark and really noticeable, even within Denver. If you look at what’s happened with the rents in the past year or what’s been going on with the price of food, it’s really becoming more and more of a struggle for people to pay the bills. So it’s really important that we have good people elected on a state-wide level that will help us make a dent in some of these issues.

Going out to knock on the doors of strangers can seem a little bit challenging, if it’s your first day out. If you have a script, the first few doors you knock on you’ll work on getting your routine straight in your head.

The first few times it might feel awkward, especially if you’re shy, but it gets easier the more people you talk to. Maybe the person behind the door is shy, too. They don’t know what’s going to come out of your mouth, either. But they’re gracious enough to open the door and give you some of their time. It’s pretty amazing.

Most importantly, I think it’s crucial to have one-on-one contact with people. It’s a lot easier to be influential in person, actually taking the trouble to go out and walk a neighborhood and knock on somebody’s door. It really shows that you care.

Face to face contact is really important, so join me to knock doors for our endorsed candidates as a Political Action Volunteer.

I find that most people are really friendly and receptive. Those who are willing to open their doors to hear where we’re coming from are usually impressed that other people are taking the time to walk neighborhoods and knock on doors. It really shows that we mean what we say about candidates that we support.

Electing candidates who understand that the work we do is important is really to our own advantage. That’s why we got a raise. If we didn’t have legislators who championed our cause that would not have happened.

We worked hard to get those people elected and we worked hard to have good relationships with them and it’s paid off. They’re accessible and they’re willing to respond to their constituents, but we have to get them elected first.

Olga, if you can spare just a couple of hours, you will have a tangible impact on the outcome of this election.

In solidarity,

Claudia Woodman
Accounting Technician for the University of Colorado – Denver, College of Architecture and Planning

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