Stay engaged through COPE

The election season might be over, but our work is just beginning.

We’re gearing up for a very active legislative session where we’ll be working with the legislature toward improving working conditions, pay and benefits for all state workers.

As we do each year, we’ll be meeting with legislators during Lobby Day and other various functions to make sure they understand the value of state workers and the services they provide.

To stay active and engaged in the Political process, become a COPE member today.

The Colorado WINS Committee on Political Education (COPE) provides political education, interviews candidates based on issues relevant to state employees and educates public officials on our issues, among other activities.

COPE mobilizes members to be active in the political process. We also provide contributions to politicians who support state employees and provide information to members about candidates and their positions on such issues as healthcare, pensions, safe working conditions and other concerns that impact state workers. COPE members give endorsement recommendations to the WINS Executive Board.

To build political strength, contribute to the COPE committee today.

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