JBC passes budget with state employee raise

It looks like for the third year in a row, Colorado state employees will see a raise in the upcoming fiscal year.

The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) just approved the state budget, known as the Long Bill, and on Friday it was introduced in the Senate, where it will be debated this week. From there, it will go to the House before being sent on to the Governor for a signature.

The JBC approved a budget which includes a 1% across-the-board increase for state workers and a 1% Merit Pay increase. This is the third consecutive year in which state employee raises have been in the Long Bill.

The bipartisan committee also supported state employees by reducing a proposed health insurance premium hike. In January, the JBC voted to lower the proposed $12.8 million premium increase for state workers by 66%, saving state workers $8.4 million that was going to come straight out of their pockets. We fought hard to make sure this lowered increase was retained in the Long Bill so that your raise would not be eaten up by rising healthcare premiums.


State employees fight for $15

State-employee-FF15-feat-imgOver the past few years, low wage workers across the nation have joined forces urging their lawmakers to raise the minimum wage. This week, we stood at the Capitol steps with workers from across Colorado asking our lawmakers to do the same thing.

On Monday, Colorado’s House of Representatives will hold two votes on measures that would raise the minimum wage, one for the whole state and one that would allow local governments to set a higher minimum wage than the state’s.

Did you know that it’s not just fast food, retail and home care workers who don’t make a living wage? Nearly 3000 of your state employed coworkers make $15/hour or less. If you are one of those state employees, share your story with us.

We are collecting stories of state workers who make less than $15/hour and what a raise would mean to them. If you or your coworkers make less than $15/hour, please tell us more about your situation.

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