Press Release: Colorado WINS opposes subsidizing for-profit prisons

In light of a last-minute revision to Colorado’s state budget that hands $3 million to for-profit prison operator to Corrections Corporation of America to keep open its Kit Carson Correctional Center in eastern Colorado, Colorado WINS has released the following statement:

The for-profit prison industry is built on exploitation. They exploit our criminal justice system, they exploit their workers, they exploit the communities in which their facilities are located and they exploit Colorado taxpayers.

Unlike our state correctional facilities and professional correctional officers, for-profit prisons are not accountable to taxpayers. And they do not provide stable, community-building jobs – these are low-wage, low-security, high-turnover positions.

Colorado WINS has long stood publicly against the for-profit prison industry. This latest bailout is just one more example of why Colorado should extricate ourselves from this predatory and morally corrupt industry.

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