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Right now you’re probably getting a lot of questions about performance evaluations. You can always refer to the basic evaluation rules we sent out back in February.

As a rule, performance evaluations cannot be grieved or appealed.

If a member has an issue with an evaluation, they can enter into a dispute resolution process, with the goal of resolving the issue at the lowest possible level. Remember that anyone disputing an evaluation does not have the right to legal representation (such as a Colorado WINS staffer), but they may have an advisor present (such as a Steward). However, parties are expected to represent and speak for themselves (Board Rule 8-83).

The only things that may be disputed in an evaluation dispute are (Board Rule 8-84):

  • The final overall performance evaluation (including lack of an evaluation) and
  • The application of the performance management program to the evaluation

stewards-blog-badgeYou cannot dispute the content of the performance management program, matters related to the funds appropriated and the evaluations or merit pay of other employees.

That means employees can challenge the technicalities of how the performance management system was administered, including lack of a plan, lack of a mechanism for fair and clear evaluation, or failure to provide coaching and feedback. However, if an employee just doesn’t agree with the rating, that must be addressed in the internal stage.

Steward Elections

This summer we will hold statewide Steward elections. Your union brothers and sisters have been working on expanding the Steward program in various departments and facilities throughout our state. In July, we’ll go through a process that will formalize the Steward program within the union and create internal structures in workplaces around the state.

As we tell our coworkers about the Steward elections, you will be instrumental in letting state employees know about the advantages of having Stewards in workplaces. Current Stewards will work hard to spread the word about elections, distribute and collect ballots, and educate members about the union.

Depending on where you work, you may also vote on your facility EMCs and Partnership Team representatives.

Union member discounts

Did you know that through your membership in our union you are entitled to various discounts and savings through the Union Plus program? You can claim membership in either AFT or SEIU as both are our parent unions.

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