Public Employee Recognition Week: Ron Price, DOC

Ron Price, Correctional Officer, Limon Correctional Facility

Law enforcement has always been part of Ron’s life, but it wasn’t until he began to work as a Corrections Officer that he finally found a career, not just a job. He’s worked at Limon Correctional Facility for just over 2 years.

Ron Price, Correctional Officer, Limon Correctional Facility

Ron Price, Correctional Officer, Limon Correctional Facility

“My job is not easy,” Ron said. “Some days are amazing but some days are just non-stop go, go, go. You have to deal with all kinds of stuff, but facing it head on is part of the job. You have no idea what your day is until you walk through the door. You always hope that it’s going to be a good day, but you never really know until you get there.”

Ron is certainly not one to shy away from the expectations and requirements of being a CO.

“Any time they need somebody to work, days off, weekends, doubles, all they have to do is ask me and I’m there to do it,” he said. “Most weeks I work two to three doubles. It’s something I like to do. I like to be there, around the staff and the employees there, and communicate with and help the offenders.”

While day to day his job can be demanding, seeing offenders get help, get better and get out makes everything worthwhile.

“Sometimes, you’ll see offenders who’ve started to go down a dark path from their normal selves and start getting in trouble,” said Ron. “You just tell them ‘Hey, you’re here to do your time, just do what you got to do to make it your best without getting in trouble.’ We’re all human, everybody makes mistakes. The offenders are here to serve their time and I want to see them get back out and get back to their families. ”

For Ron, seeing someone be able to succeed in their community after serving time is one of the most rewarding things about being a CO.

“It’s nice to see someone that’s able to get back on the streets, that makes me feel good,” he said. “There was one offender who was in prison doing 15 years and he started to go down a dark path. Me and another staff member talked to him, got him to stay calm, and do what he had to do til he got out of prison to get back with his family and kids. Since he’s been back in the community he’s got an excellent job, he’s doing everything he’s supposed to stay with his family. In my mind that makes me feel I’ve helped at least one person do good for his family and his kids.”

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