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During the nomination month, more than 150 Colorado WINS members throughout the state were nominated by their coworkers to be Union Stewards!

We reached and beat our goal of 100 new Steward nominees, and we’re well on our way to build union strength through this member-focused model of union power.

Before we move into the elections, we will hold meetings for Union Steward nominees throughout the state.

It’s crucial that all Union Steward nominees attend one of the Nominee Meetings in order to learn what it takes to be a successful Steward. The meetings will go over the nomination process, the roles of a steward, and the rules for the upcoming election.

In July we will hold statewide Union Steward elections at about 20 different work sites. 

As nominees, you will be tasked with carrying out the elections in your respective work places. Most facilities will vote for their stewards using a white ballot (though a handful of work sites may use a secret ballot). A white ballot resembles a petition and requires that a Steward nominee gets at least 10 signatures to be elected.

There are just a few short rules about Steward elections:

  • Only Colorado WINS members may run for Union Steward
  • Candidates must fill out a commitment form before taking a white ballot
  • Only Colorado WINS members may sign a candidate’s petition
  • A member can vote on the day she/he joins the union
  • All open ballots must be turned in by July 31
  • All stewards will be sworn in at the Steward Convention

All elected Stewards will be asked to attend the Steward Convention, which will take place in Colorado Springs on Saturday, August 27, 2016.

During the Convention, Stewards will be sworn in to uphold the Colorado WINS Constitution over their two year term and asked to attend a few continuing trainings throughout the year.

If you were nominated as a Union Steward: congratulations! Please let us know which of the Nominee Meetings you can attend.


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