Let’s elect a dream team this November!

Colorado needs a home team that delivers (in football and in politics).

football-playerThe Broncos are reigning Superbowl Champions, now let’s elect legislators who will champion state employee issues.

During our endorsement interviews, led by Colorado WINS members themselves, candidates were asked about their stances on issues vital to state workers, such as PERA, privatization, and a state-wide salary survey.

An endorsement by Colorado WINS means a candidate has shown commitment to support state employees if elected.

Let’s draft winners to our team this November.


Colorado WINS Endorsed Candidates

Not sure what districts you live in?
Find out at OpenStates.org.


Statewide Ballot Measures

The Colorado WINS Executive Board has endorsed the following positions on two ballot measures:

  • Vote YES on Amendment 70 (increasing the state’s minimum wage)
  • Vote NO on Amendment 71 (increasing the cost of ballot initiatives)

The Executive Board did not make recommendations for any other ballot initiatives.


2016-COWINS-endorsements-webStatewide positions

CU Regent – Alice Madden


State Senate Districts

SD 08 – Emily Tracy
SD 14 – John Kefalas (i)
SD 17 – Matt Jones (i)
SD 19 – Rachel Zenzinger
SD 21 – Dominick Moreno
SD 18 – Stephen Fenberg
SD 23 – T.J. Cole
SD 25 – Jenise May
SD 26 – Daniel Kagan
SD 27 – Tom Sullivan
SD 28 – Nancy Todd (i)
SD 29 – Rhonda Fields
SD 31 – Lois Court
SD 33  – Angela Williams
SD 35 – James Casias


State House Districts

HD 01 – Susan Lontine (i)
HD 02 – Alec Garnett (i)
HD 03 – Jeff Bridges
HD 04 – Dan Pabón (i)
HD 05 – Crisanta Duran (i)
HD 08 – Leslie Herod
HD 09 – Paul Rosenthal (i)
HD 10 – Edie Hooton
HD 11 – Jonathan Singer (i)
HD 12 – Mike Foote (i)
HD 13 – KC Becker (i)
HD 17 – Thomas “Tony” Exum Sr.
HD 18 – Pete Lee (i)
HD 23 – Chris Kennedy
HD 24 – Jessie Danielson (i)
HD 25 – Tammy Story
HD 26 – Diane E. Mitsch Bush (i)
HD 27 – Wade Michael Norris
HD 28 – Brittany Pettersen (i)
HD 29 – Tracy Kraft-Tharp (i)
HD 30 – Dafna Michaelson Jenet
HD 31 – Joe Salazar (i)
HD 33 – Matt Gray
HD 34 – Steve Lebsock (i)
HD 35 – Faith Winter (i)
HD 36 – Mike Weissman
HD 38 – Robert Bowen
HD 40 – Janet Buckner (i)
HD 41 – Jovan Melton (i)
HD 42 – Dominique Jackson
HD 44 – Tim Hicks
HD 46 – Daneya Esgar (i)
HD 47 – Jason Munoz
HD 48 – Annie King
HD 50 – Dave Young (i)
HD 51 – Jody Shadduck-McNally
HD 52 – Joann Ginal (i)
HD 53 – Jeni Arndt (i)
HD 59 – Barbara Hall McLachlan
HD 61 – Millie Hamner (i)
HD 62 – Donald E. Valdez
HD 64 – Kathleen J. Conway

(i) indicates incumbent


With questions about our endorsement process, member involvement in COPE and other politics-related issues, please contact Robert Lindgren.












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5 Responses to “Let’s elect a dream team this November!”

  1. Michael Hayden says:

    What stand are you taking on coloradocare–Ammendment 69

  2. Colorado WINS says:

    The Colorado WINS Executive Board recommends to vote “YES” on Amendment 70, which would increase the minimum wage in the state to $12/hour by 2020.
    The Executive Board did not take a stand on any other Amendment of Proposition on November’s ballot, as they are not directly related to state employee issues.

  3. Don King says:

    I have to disagree with the decision of the board not to take a stand on amendment 69. As I understand it this amendment would effect my income and insurance coverage. How can the board be so short sighted?

  4. Tim Hicks says:

    Even though the Colorado WINS Executive Board did not take a stand on Amendment 69, please check with the endorsed candidates for their stances. I am in favor of Amendments 69 and 70.

  5. Dragan Mejic says:

    Amend. 69 is an issue that generates strong feelings from people and as such has the potential to be divisive among our members, not a good thing for Unions. Each member should vote on this issue based on their own values and beliefs.
    In the meantime, lets focus on wages , Yes on amend. 70, and our ability to participate in the Democratic process for the benefit of all workers, NO on 71.

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