CU-Boulder retaliates against union members active in Fight for $15

UPDATE: Thank you to all who have made calls on behalf of CU’s low wage workers. We just received word that the University has heard us and is working to address the issues we brought up. At this time we are not routing any more calls to the University.

Thank you for your support!

Boulder РDisciplinary actions have been brought up for at least three members of Colorado WINS who have been involved in the on-campus fight for a living wage for all workers. Colorado WINS is the union that represents the state’s classified employees.

Last year, workers on the University of Colorado Boulder campus began an organized campaign for a $15/hour minimum wage for all campus employees. Under pressure from its workers, the University acknowledged low pay was a problem for many service positions on campus and issued minor raises to nearly 500 employees.

Since then, University administrators have carried out union-busting tactics such as removing union representatives from open employee meetings, bringing unwarranted disciplinary action against workers, and refusing to engage in pay discussions with a peer-elected group of union members.

Colorado WINS union members, and some student organizations, will hold a call-in on Wednesday, asking administrators to pull the disciplinary actions and will engage in direct action on Thursday and Friday if the write-ups are upheld.


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  1. Your behavior is dastardly for suppressing fair wage while paying the president millions and spending millions on a football stadium. Show some integrity and do what is morally responsible.

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