URGENT: CSU call-in action today!

One of our union sisters at CSU has filed a sexual harassment case with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and now University administration is retaliating against her.

Can you take 5 minutes right now to call CSU President Tony Frank and tell him that sexual assault and victim-blaming will not be tolerated?

Frank has been an outspoken ally in the fight against sexual assault among students, but he may not be aware that his own staff faces these challenges daily.

Call 844-326-3658 and say you have a message for President Frank, then say the following:

President Frank:

The issue of sexual assault on campus isn’t just about students, it affects University employees, too. Take a strong stand against sexual violence among your own staff and tell Facilities Management Assistant Director Sandy Sheahan to stop retaliation against sexual assault victims. As you’ve said yourself, it’s on us to stop sexual assault, and you should start with your own staff.

This is not the first time we’ve seen retaliation against union members who stand up for themselves and their coworkers, but to be targeted after an experience as traumatic as sexual harassment is especially heinous.

Please take 5 minutes right now to call CSU and tell President Frank that it’s on HIM to stop sexual assault among his own staff. 


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