Call now: Stop bad Parole bills

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen two bad Parole bills introduced at the Colorado state legislature. 

These bills are being heard in committees and on the floor of the legislature now, so we must act fast to stop them!

House Bill 17-1326, titled “Justice Reinvestment Crime Prevention Initiative,” changes the length of time that a parolee may serve for a technical parole violation. It lowers the time from 180 days to as little as 30 days, depending on the level and class of his offense (sponsored by Sens. Kagan and Gardner and Rep. Lee).

House Bill 17-1308, titled “Individualized Conditions Of Parole,” eliminates certain mandatory conditions of parole, including the elimination of urinalysis for all parolees and the need for a prior approval and consent of a CPO before a parolee can change residences (sponsored by Sens. Kagan and Cooke and Reps. Salazar and Sias).

Call the Colorado WINS hotline at 844.326.3658 and be connected to a State Senator sponsoring one of the two bills mentioned above. 

You can use the following script, but feel free to add your own thoughts about why these bills are detrimental to the safety of the public and Parole Officers:

“Dear Senator, 

I am a Parole Officer in _______ (your office/area of Colorado) and I urge you to withdraw House Bills 1308 and 1326. Before implementing sweeping changes to the way we deal with offenders, please meet with Parole Officers who do this work every day, to discuss how this will affect public safety. 

Both of these bills will have a negative impact on the safety of Colorado’s communities and the Parole Officers who will carry out these reforms.”

If you are serious about preventing these bills from passing the legislature, take 3 minutes right now to make a call to 844.326.3658. You can call more than once as the hotline connects randomly to the three sponsoring Senators. 

These bills have bipartisan support in both chambers of the legislature. The only thing that could stop them is if Parole Officers take fast and decisive action to let bill sponsors know about the shortcomings of these changes. 

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