Public Service Recognition Week: Lucy Esquibel (DHS)

Lucy Esquibel, DHS, Office of Children, Youth, and Families, Division of Child Welfare, 27 years with the state

“In the 24-Hour world, my job is the liaison between our Licensing/Monitoring and the Background Investigation Unit (BIU).


Lucy Esquibel, Dept. of Human Services (Office of Children, Youth, and Families)

My job’s priority​ is to keep our children ​safe ​from bad hands and bad ​facilities. We’re looking out for their best interests, safety, and welfare

I do background checks for 24-hour care facilities for adoptions, foster care, residential child care facilities, etc. When our facilities hire new or returning employees, they must run a background check on them.  It will be looked at and considered if there is any arrests that have appeared on their records.  But,​ I also see any ​new arrest that come up for current staff. So if someone’s been ​employed there 20 years​,​ but got a DUI over the weekend​​ it​ will  show up on my report.

Many of us here at DHS are very dedicated and work from the heart and that really makes the difference. We really do care and I think when you work from the heart that’s what makes you a better public servant.  

I want to make sure Colorado’s kids are protected. When you hear about a bad facility and you’re able to go in and close them out and protect all those kids, that’s something that makes my job satisfying. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does happen there’s a whole process that could take about a year, unless it’s something that’s really bad.  So to finally shut them down feels like we’re really helping out the kids.

As a union member, when something within the system is not working right, Colorado WINS gives me that support and and guidance when I need it. I wish we could get more people to understand how important it is to be a union member.

As WINS members we work hard to protect other state employees from high healthcare costs and to get them ​satisfying working conditions and things like ​overdue ​raises. But a lot of people don’t believe it was the work of WINS members that gets them these victories. I wish there was more recognition that a union is a good thing, because I really believe that it’s important.”






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