Public Service Recognition Week: Lorraine Hutcheson (CDLE, Vocational Rehab)

Lorraine Hutcheson, Dept. of Labor and Employment, Vocational Rehabilitation Division (Grand Junction), 6 years with the state

Lorraine-hutchesonI work with low vision and blind individuals to provide employment training and resources to better enable them to live more productive lives. We give people the confidence and the independence that they need to secure a job suited to their skills.

Just recently, I worked with a young blind man to help enroll him in a 9-month personal adjustment training program that will better equip him to deal with his loss of vision. He will have lessons each day in all aspects of daily living skills. It will provide him the confidence that he needs to live independently and secure a job that might better suit him. It’s a great opportunity.

I had a client in Durango who commented to me that I’ve changed his life. But really it’s the opportunity that the Division of Vocational Rehab provides that changed his life. He was in bad shape, he lost his vision, he was in a trying situation as a young man forced to live in a nursing home. Currently, he is independent, living in his own apartment, and looking to go back to work. It was his willingness to do his part in learning the necessary skills that helped him succeed. That gives me such satisfaction that I can help make a difference in people’s lives.”




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