How does semi-monthly pay compare to bi-weekly?

During the last few weeks we’ve received a lot of feedback from folks about the switch to bi-weekly or semi-monthly pay. While WINS members have been primarily focused on PERA changes and raises for state employees in the long bill, we have been sharing what information we can about this change whenever we get it. We have received some new information from the Department of Personnel and Administration about exactly how semi-monthly pay would function.

Most people believe semi-monthly pay periods (paid twice each month instead of every two weeks) would be calculated by simply splitting monthly salaries in half. While this is true for some state employees who are overtime exempt (about 35%) it is not true for anyone earning overtime. The graphs below provide examples of how pay periods and amounts would break down in a semi-monthly pay system.

Take a look at the information below as well as the DPA website about the pay switch. A bill has not been put forward yet to switch to bi-weekly pay, but there is one week left in the legislative session for this to happen. In either case, monthly pay will no longer be an option by the end of this year.

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