Action Alert: Call legislators about PERA now!

We have secured a 3% raise in the long bill. That’s real progress for us!  But it’s just one side of the coin.  If PERA retirees now and in the future are going to have a dignified retirement, they must have a sensible COLA.  This may mean that we have to put in a little of our raise, but let’s make sure to balance the impact to our salaries with protecting our retirees. 

Call the numbers below and tell the Conference Committee members: Don’t balance the entire PERA shortfall on employees and retirees.  We’re willing to give a little to raise the COLA, but not any more than is necessary.

Thanks in advance for making the call.  We need to stick together and come out of this legislature in a better place than we started!

We need to weigh in NOW. Call the legislators below and tell them to protect PERA. 

The PERA bill is going into Conference Committee Monday or Tuesday, so this weekend is our chance to let legislators know what we want to see coming out of that committee.


Rep. KC Becker: 303-866-2578

Rep. Dan Pabon: 303-866-2954

Rep. Kevin Van Winkle: 303-866-2936

Sen. Daniel Kagan: 303-866-4846

Sen. Kevin Priola:  303-866-4855

Sen. Jack Tate:  303-866-4883

Thanks in advance for making the call.  We need to stick together to protect our pay and retirement!


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2 Responses to “Action Alert: Call legislators about PERA now!”

  1. Legislationrs to balance employee contributions with a cola increase

  2. Jan Grant says:

    I am a soon to be retired and will be counting on my pera

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