Sunset Review of Psychiatric Technician Licensing

As required by the state, this year will trigger an automatic sunset review of the Psychiatric Technician licensing.

A sunset review is a regularly scheduled review into the regulations that govern a license and whether the regulation of such license needs to continue. This means an analyst will review information to determine whether the State Board of Nursing should continue regulating the Licensed Psychiatric Technician (LPT) program. 

Colorado WINS member believe it is crucial that LPT licenses continue to be issued, regulated, and reviewed by the State Board of Nursing, because it protects the welfare of our vulnerable population, keeps standards high for LPTs, and ensures program efficacy statewide. 

Psychiatric technicians are caregivers for mentally ill or developmentally disabled individuals who are institutionalized and are at great risk of inadequate care due to the often extreme nature of their illnesses. These patients require specialized care not necessarily available in a traditional medical setting.

LPTs work at many CDHS facilities, including the Mental Health Institutes at Pueblo and Ft. Logan, Regional Centers in Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Wheat Ridge, as well as in other state-run centers and institutes. Psychiatric Technicians fill an ongoing critical void in the health care delivery system. LPTs are uniquely equipped, through their education and license, to help the vulnerable populations they serve on their recovery journey.

The impact of not employing Licensed Psychiatric Technicians at CDHS facilities would be a substantial loss. The workload of the Registered Nurses would increase dramatically, safety and security would be greatly impacted, and patient care would suffer.

We believe the licensing of LPTs should continue to be done by the State Board of Nursing, and not be relocated under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Dept. of Human Services.

By regulating and licensing the Psychiatric Technician Licenses, the State Board of Nursing ensures the quality of patient care is optimal and remains at a high standard. Not regulating and not licensing the Psychiatric Technicians could jeopardize the health and welfare of this vulnerable population and significantly lowers the level of consumer protection.

The State Board of Nursing provides oversight of the accreditation of the educational program, examination process, and keeps licensing and regulation separate from CDHS. This is necessary to provide transparency, keep standards high, and avoid any conflicts within the department where LPTs work. 

If you would like to submit a comment about the Sunset Review of the LPT program, please click here, fill out the required information and select “Psychiatric Technicians, Regulation of – 2018” from the drop-down menu. 

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