Colorado flips Senate, elects candidates who support state workers

The 2018 election showcased how worker power can help elect candidates that stand up for working families. 

As state employees, we make Colorado run. We do the backbreaking, behind-the-scenes work it takes to ensure our air and water are clean, our communities are safe, and our children, seniors and other vulnerable populations are taken care of. We create the opportunity for the five million residents who call our state home to enjoy the things we love about Colorado. 

During this election season, Colorado WINS members volunteered hundreds of hours, knocked on over 4,000 doors, made more than 8,000 phone calls, and talked to thousands of voters about the importance of elections and which candidates we can count on to support and expand the middle class. 

We’re proud to say that the majority of our endorsed candidates won their races! 


Below is a list of the ballot issues that passed and candidates who were elected (from the list of our endorsements): 

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Amendment Y
Amendment Z


Amendment 74

Statewide Positions

Governor: Jared Polis
Attorney General: Phil Weiser
Secretary of State: Jena Griswold
Treasurer: Dave Young
CU Regent At-Large: Lesley Smith

State Senate Districts

SD 2 Dennis Hisey
SD 3 Leroy Garcia (i)
SD 5 Kerry Donovan (i)
SD 11 Pete Lee
SD 16 Tammy Story
SD 20 Jessie Danielson
SD 22 Brittany Pettersen
SD 24 Faith Winter
SD 32 Robert Rodriguez
SD 34 Julie Gonzales

State House Districts

HD 1 Susan Lontine (i)
HD 2 Alec Garnett (i)
HD 3 Jeff Bridges (i)
HD 4 Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez
HD 5 Alex Valdez
HD 6 Chris Hansen (i)
HD 7 James Coleman (i)
HD 8 Leslie Herod (i)
HD 9 Emily Sirota
HD 10 Edie Hooton (i)
HD 11 Jonathan Singer (i)
HD 12 Sonya Jaquez Lewis
HD 13 KC Becker (i)
HD 17 Tony Exum (i)
HD 18 Marc Snyder
HD 23 Chris Kennedy (i)
HD 24 Monica Duran
HD 26 Dylan Roberts (i)
HD 28 Kerry Tipper
HD 29 Tracy Kraft-Tharp (i)
HD 30 Dafna Michaelson-Jenet (i)
HD 31 Yadira Caraveo
HD 32 Adrienne Benavidez (i)
HD 33 Matt Gray (i)
HD 34 Kyle Mullica
HD 35 Shannon Bird
HD 36 Mike Weissman (i)
HD 37 Tom Sullivan
HD 40 Janet Buckner (i)
HD 42 Dominique Jackson (i)
HD 46 Daneya Esgar (i)
HD 52 Joann Ginal (i)
HD 53 Jeni Arndt (i)
HD 59 Barbara McLachlan (i)
HD 61 Julie McCluskie
HD 62 Donald Valdez (i)

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