WINS Bill Passes House Committee, Colorado Workers Cheer

The WINS bill was approved by a key Colorado House committee on Tuesday, April 10, 2019. Nearly 29,000 state employees are now one giant step closer to securing the freedom to collectively bargain a union contract.

Here’s what it looked like…

The WINS bill passes the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee to the cheers of workers from across Colorado.

What’s Next for the WINS Bill

The WINS bill still has a long road ahead. To see this bill become law, we need to show Colorado legislators as much support by and for state employees — and the vital public services we provide — as possible.

How You Can Help State Employees

You can help thousands of workers like us secure a real seat at the decision-making table and the power we need to help address workforce issues like turnover, understaffing and understaffing that are undermining public services in Colorado.

Coloradans deserve better. And, as state Rep. Jovan Melton said in this week’s hearing, “State employees deserve better.”

Show your support for the WINS bill as it makes its way to the full House for consideration. Just share a #COworkersRising or #UnionsForAll photo or video by email or on social networks to help build this campaign for workers. 


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