Statement from Representative Daneya Esgar on HB 19-1273

Representative Daneya Esgar (D-Pueblo), released the following statement about HB 19-1273, which she sponsored and introduced in the Colorado House of Representatives. We are proud to have Rep. Esgar as the prime sponsor of the bill and look forward to her leadership in the next legislative session.

Statement from Representative Daneya Esgar:

“I deeply value the expertise and dedication of state employees who provide vital services for our state that make life better for all of us. We all benefit when state workers join together to find solutions so that Colorado is a place where all families and communities can thrive. I introduced HB 19-1273 “The Colorado Partnership for Quality Jobs and Services Act” to give frontline workers the freedom to collectively bargain, so they may improve public services and ensure they can provide for their families. State employees who do critical work to keep us safe, clear our roads, provide nursing care for our veterans, maintain our parks and natural resources, keep our air and water clean, respond to emergencies, and more should have the freedom to join together to negotiate for fair pay and benefits to support their families.

I support the efforts of Colorado WINS and the State to expand their existing partnership to make the state an example of innovation in public service. I urge Colorado WINS and the Governor to take the next six months to work through existing issues and reach agreement in time to put forward legislation in January 2020 that includes collective bargaining, so frontline workers have a seat at the table and the ability to advocate for the resources they need to deliver the highest quality services for Coloradans. Governor Polis has spoken of his support for collective bargaining many times. This is an opportunity for his Administration to set a positive example for the rest of the state by extending these rights to his employees.

When state employees have the freedom to negotiate with the state everyone wins. The State will benefit by attracting and retaining skilled, motivated workers and fix the brain drain of qualified and experienced employees leaving state employment for the private sector. It is long past time for Colorado to join private sector workers and 34 other states around the country that allow state employees the freedom to collectively bargain a union contract. It is the right thing to do and a critical component of building a Colorado for All.”

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