Colorado State Employee Spotlight: Eric Olsen

Today’s Colorado State Employee Spotlight is Eric Olsen, a corrections officer at the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center. Eric is a fierce advocate for his co-workers and for safer conditions for employees and inmates at Colorado’s corrections facilities.

State Employee Spotlight: Eric Olsen, DOC

An Advocate for State Employees and Safety

Dealing with understaffing, forced overtime and the difficult job conditions that come with them can be exhausting for officers like Olsen. Olsen told Denver7 earlier this year, “If you have someone working a 16-hour shift, when they get on the road, it’s not safe for the public.”

Eric isn’t the only office impacted by understaffing. The Department of Corrections — along with the state Human Services and Transportation Departments — experiences some of the highest employee turnover rates among state agencies.

Colorado WINS’ Vision for State Employees

Colorado WINS believes that state employees deserve respect, dignity — and the power to improve address issues like understaffing that threaten the staff and inmates of our correctional facilities. With the freedom to collectively bargain and a stronger voice on the job, we can make it happen.


State employees are stronger when we stand together. Please join Colorado WINS and help advocate for workers — and you.

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