Colorado State Employee Spotlight: Krista Heiner

Ever wonder how decisions about Colorado’s state parks and wildlife are made? Krista Heiner, today’s featured Colorado state employee, helps. She ensures decision-makers have the information they need to maintain Colorado’s great state parks and our spectacular wildlife.

Krista Heiner, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Proud to Be a Colorado State Employee

Krista Heiner has only been working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife for two years, but she’d covered a lot of ground. Originally from Colorado, Krista worked in Washington, DC and lived abroad working on wildlife conservation issues before returning to Colorado.

“It’s been really fun to come back to the state I’m from and serve the people of Colorado. It’s great to be able to put that information to use here,” Krista said in a telephone interview. “I do feel proud to be a state employee.”

Making a Difference for Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Krista should feel proud. State parks belong to all Coloradans, are a major draw to the state’s tourist economy, and an important way for Coloradans to connect with nature, culture, and history.

As a policy and planning analyst for Parks and Wildlife, Krista helps ensure that decision-makers in the department and political leaders have the information they need to make good decisions about these important places and the amazing wildlife in our state.

“It’s important that our decision-makers have the best available information and can really think through the issues with the best available data,” Krista said. “It’s really important that we hear from the public to understand what they need and want.”


It’s not easy to ensure that tourists, our growing population, and our shared love for Colorado’s wildlife and wilder places doesn’t lead to overuse or misuse that could threaten the health of our wildlife, environment, and special Colorado places.

“Sometimes it’s hard to fund the research we want to do. Sometimes it’s not as fast-moving as we’d like.”

Fortunately, the State of Colorado has dedicated — and often unsung — state employees like Krista who are protecting the natural treasures so many of us love despite the challenges.

“Her professional expertise is bar none, and her personable and friendly attitude make it a pleasure to work with her,” wrote colleague Michael Quartuch, who nominated Krista for a Colorado WINS state employee shout-out.

Colorado WINS’ Vision for State Employees

Colorado WINS believes that state employees deserve respect, dignity — and the power to promote a cleaner, healthier environment for Colorado. With the freedom to collectively bargain and a stronger voice on the job, frontline workers can help direct resources where they are most needed to protect our natural treasures.



State employees are stronger when we stand together. Please join Colorado WINS and help advocate for workers — and you.

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