State Employee Spotlight: Rana Gonzales, Human Services

State workers make important contributions each and every week, day, and hour of the year. Today we’re spotlighting Rana Gonzales, a Health Care Liaison who’s worked at the Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo for 15 years.

Rana Gonzales, DHS

Meet Rana

“I care deeply about the work that I do to help patients meet their mental health care goals so that they can leave the hospital and hopefully return to a healthy and independent life in their community,” Rana recently told state legislators.

Her co-worker Lucy Munoz, says Rana is “extremely knowledgeable in her job and the mental health field.”

“She has a passion for her job that is not seen often enough,” says Lucy. “Rana is not afraid to help nursing staff when things get hectic. She is a great asset to our facility and to our patients. As a long time coworker and friend she inspires me to be a better patient advocate.”

Rana is also an active member of Colorado WINS. She worked hard this spring to advocate for state employees at the Capitol and on the job.

“I love this work but sometimes I wonder if I can keep doing it. My department is critically short staffed,” Rana told legislators.

“If we had a stronger voice and a way to enforce agreements we reach with the State, we could help improve services, she continued. “It is critical that we have the right to collectively bargain with the state. We are one of only 16 states where state employees do not have this freedom.”

“We want a real partnership with the state to fix understaffing and improve the quality of services.”

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State employees are stronger when we stand together. Please join Colorado WINS and help advocate for workers — and you.

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