Colorado State Employee Spotlight: Shannon Wilson

Shannon Wilson is today’s stand-out Colorado state employee. She’s a medical records technician at Trinidad Correctional Facility — and a whole lot more.


Shannon Wilson is a medical records technician at Trinidad Correctional Facility — and a whole lot more.

Shannon Wilson, Department of Corrections

A Colorado State Employee Going Above and Beyond

“When she’s gone, we recognize she’s gone,” said co-worker Pauline Boyd when interviewed about why she nominated Shannon for a state employee shout-out.

That’s because Shannon doesn’t just perform duties of a medical records technician for which she’s paid. Her job classification is one of the lowest paid positions in the Department of Corrections, but she also helps by doing additional work to assist nurses and make their jobs easier, since the facility is not fully staffed.

“What makes her so amazing is that she still comes to work every day with a smile on her face and does an amazing job,” continued Boyd. “Although she literally doesn’t get paid for it.”

In fact, Shannon is effectively performing the duties of four positions.

She helps ensure that providers have what they need to care for offenders experiencing health issues. And, because of her efforts, people leaving incarceration are better prepared to continue any medical care they might need.

“The biggest challenge I face is time. Because of all of the extra duties that I do,” said Wilson. “If I’m not there to do my job, then the nurses have a hard time treating people. I’m constantly stopping and going and doing ten other times.”

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Last year, one in five authorized state positions remained vacant, with a vacancy rate of more than one in 10 positions within the Department of Corrections last summer. That understaffing overwhelms state workers and undermines our ability to serve Colorado.


State employees are stronger when we stand together. Please join Colorado WINS and help advocate for workers like Shawnee — and you.

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