Colorado State Employee Spotlight: Liz Lemonds

Elisabeth Lemonds is today’s featured Colorado state employee. As a water quality inspector for the Department of Public Health and the Environment, she’s keeping people safe.

Liz Lemonds, Public Health and Environment

Liz Lemonds, Public Health and Environment

A State Employee’s Contribution to Clean Water

There’s only one Liz Lemonds — and she works hard to keep your family healthy.

Liz leads water quality monitoring at around 500 Colorado sites that use relatively clean, recycled water from bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines. While the water has been processed by water treatment plants, it could sicken people if its treatment and quality isn’t carefully watched.

“That’s a lot of sites where people are playing and working and living their lives. People take for granted that it’s safe, but it does take oversight,” Liz said.

Making a Difference

Liz has been a state employee for more than a decade, but it’s not where her journey began.

“I wanted to feel like I was doing something. I had been a teacher for a number of years and decided that was not the best way for me to contribute,” Liz recalled. “I felt like the best way to use my science background was working for the state to make a difference for the environment and for the people who live and visit Colorado.

She’s won respect from colleagues with her work too.

“Liz cares deeply about all of her co-workers, and works tirelessly to advance inclusion and equity in the workplace,” Al Stafford wrote in his nomination of Liz. “She is always the first to check in after a difficult phone call or conversation.”

Join the Union

Colorado’s clean water, clean air, and our spectacular environment are all vital parts of the Colorado way of life. And dedicated public servants like Liz are working hard every day to protect these treasures and safeguard the health of our communities.

With the freedom to collectively bargain and a stronger voice on the job, frontline workers can help direct resources where they are most needed to promote a cleaner, healthier environment for Coloradans.


State employees are stronger when we stand together. Please join Colorado WINS and help advocate for workers like Liz — and you.

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