State Employees Celebrate a Well-deserved Raise

There’s nothing quite like a raise, is there? Starting in July, classified state employees got a 3% across-the-board wage increase. All told, this raise puts over $65 million more in the pockets of state employees.

This well-deserved raise didn’t just magically happen. It took months of Colorado WINS members standing up and keeping the pressure on the state.

Early this year, we began conversations with Gov. Jared Polis’ team to work out the details of a wage increase. Then a strong show of unity and determination from Colorado WINS members pushed the governor and state legislators to make sure our raise stayed in the budget.

Three percent is just one small step in the right direction. Our pay lags behind what we could make in the private sector and chronic understaffing and high turnover are stressing us out. We won this raise but we can win much more when more state employees get in the game.

It’s simple, really. Our power comes from our strength in numbers. The more members, the more we can accomplish.

As we celebrate this raise, we’re energized to push hard for the right to bargain a fair union contract. We need all hands working to win the same freedom that employees at private companies have. We’re determined to join state employees across the country who make an average of 15% more because they have a union plus the freedom to collectively bargain.

A vibrant, strong union fuels our power to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions at our jobs. State employees are stronger when we stand together. Become a member of Colorado WINS as we gear up for much more progress in the coming months and year ahead.

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