PRESS RELEASE: State Employees Celebrate Senator Leroy Garcia’s Victory over Recall Effort

Pueblo, CO – Today, the recall campaign against Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) failed to deliver enough petition signatures to initiate a recall election. The news marks Colorado Republicans’ fifth attempt in 2019 to recall an elected official, none of which were successful. 

Executive Director of Colorado WINS Hilary Glasgow issued the following statement about the attempted recall.

“State employees, especially those who live in Pueblo, are thrilled to hear the recall attempt against Senator Garcia has failed. Senator Garcia has been a steadfast champion of workers’ rights, he was duly elected by the people of Pueblo, and he is the right leader for our part of Colorado and the Senate. He has worked hard on behalf of state employees, sponsoring the collective bargaining bill introduced during the 2019 session and standing up against anti-union attacks in the legislature. 

This recall attempt was a cynical effort to undo our democratic process. Senator Garcia won his last election with 73 percent of the vote, which should have made it abundantly clear to the recall campaign that Pueblo residents resoundingly want him in office. We’re glad this misguided and divisive tactic meant to undermine the will of the voters in Pueblo has failed. 

In his tenure at the legislature, Senator Garcia has tirelessly stood up for Pueblo and we had no doubt he would defeat this disingenuous recall attempt. State employees have stood strong in support of Senator Garcia and we will continue to hold him up as a champion for workers in both the public and private sectors.”

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