2020 Electoral Victories


Colorado WINS members helped create a historic election year for Colorado progressives. This was the highest turnout election in Colorado’s history, which speaks to how well our voting system works for everyone – Republican, Democrat, or independent. 

Colorado WINS left it all on the table. Through phone banks, text banks, mail and literature drops, state employees have done their part to ensure that candidates who care about working people got elected. The difficulties of 2020 have shown us that we’re all in this together — no matter who we are, where we’re from, or the color of our skin — we must work together to invest in public services. Read on to see more of our victories!

Ballot Measures

Amendment B

We worked hard to repeal the outdated Gallagher Amendment. As it stood, this amendment would force first responders, schools and frontline health providers to cut budgets and give wealthy neighborhoods tax breaks while increasing the tax burden on small businesses – particularly in low-income communities. As public servants, we knew this was dangerous, especially in a time when public services have been cut year after year and our tax dollars are stretched further than ever to provide essential services. We fought hard – and won – to take this amendment out of Colorado’s constitution. 

Proposition 115

Colorado WINS stood strong and advocated for women’s rights this election season and helped defeat a harmful anti-choice bill. Proposition 115 was the latest in a long line of attempts to ban abortion in Colorado. Proponents of this ballot measure have said outright they want to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term — even in cases of rape, risks to the woman’s health, or a lethal fetal diagnosis. We reached out to 10,000 voters about this dangerous bill and are proud to say it was shot down with a 59% majority no vote. Womxn and those seeking abortion access will continue to do so freely and safely throughout the state.

Proposition 118

Proposition 118, which Allows for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave passed with a 57% of the vote. This shows that Coloradans trust in our democracy and our voting system to get things done. Paid leave should not be a privilege – it’s a right. Now Colorado law reflects that.  



We were excited to see progressive candidates win across the state this year. Senator Cory Gardner was unseated by former democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, showing that Coloradans want new leaders who will co-govern govern us all.

Statewide progressives picked up at least an extra seat in the Senate with Chris Kolker’s victory and hopefully Paula Dickerson! We retained strong control of the House of Representatives with especially key victories for Rep. Daneya Esgar and community activist Iman Jodeh, who is now the first Muslim lawmaker in the state’s history.

See below for our endorsed candidate victories:

Ilana Spiegel Colorado Regent
Susan Lontine House District 1
Alec Garnett House District 2
Meg Froelich House District 3
Alex Valdez House District 5
Steven Woodrow House District 6
Emily Sirota House District 9
Karen McCormick House District 11
Tracey Bernett House District 12
Judy Amabile House District 13
Tony Exum House District 17
Marc Snyder House District 18
Chris Kennedy House District 23
Monica Duran House District 24
Lisa Cutter House District 25
Dylan Roberts House District 26
Brianna Titone House District 27
Kerry Tipper House District 28
Lindsey Daugherty House District 29
Dafna Michaelson Jenet House District 30
Yadira Caraveo House District 31
Adrienne Benavidez House District 32
Matt Gray House District 33
Kyle Mullica House District 34
Shannon Bird House District 35
Mike Weissman House District 36
David Ortiz House District 38
Naquetta Ricks House District 40
Iman Jodeh House District 41
Dominique Jackson House District 42
Daneya Esgar House District 46
Mary Young House District 50
Cathy Kipp House District 52
Jeni Ardnt House District 53
Barbara McLachlan House District 59
Julie McCluskie House District 61
Joann Ginal Senate District 14
Sonya Jaquez Lewis Senate District 17
Steve Fenberg Senate District 18
Rachel Zenzinger Senate District 19
Dominick Moreno Senate District 21
Jeff Bridges Senate District 26
Chris Kolker Senate District 27
Janet Buckner Senate District 28
Rhonda Fields Senate District 29
Chris Hansen Senate District 31
James Coleman Senate District 33


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