Colorado WINS Executive Director Hilary Glasgow Responds to Community Leader Doxing State Employees

In light of recent news about a community leader doxing public employees, Colorado WINS Executive Director Hilary Glasgow released the following statement:

“In Colorado, we know that serious consequences have come to state employees when one individual committed a terrible crime using a worker’s home address. It is a disgrace to see a community leader take it upon himself to publicize that information and encourage people to harass public servants at home. Mark Hall has endangered the safety of health workers who provide essential services to the communities he claims to serve, so Colorado WINS will be taking measures to ensure that state employees will be able to continue their work free of harassment and threats. 

This year, like every year, Colorado public employees put their lives at risk to protect our communities and keep our state running. Like all employees, they should be able to do their job free of intimidation and harassment. Now more than ever they need our support to eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

State employees need help, not harassment, to finish the job and eradicate the COVID-19 virus from Colorado. Instead of fighting with each other, we must come together and invest in good public services so that when unprecedented threats, like the COVID-19 pandemic, invade our families and communities, we are able to rely on public services to pull us out of a crisis. ” 

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