Contract Action Team

Join Colorado WINS’ Contract Campaign!

Now that Colorado state employees have won the right to collectively bargain over our wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment we can negotiate our contract with those improved conditions.  But even though we have won collective bargaining rights, the state is under no obligation to give us what we need or what is fair- we can only win what we have the power to force the state to give us.  That means we need to organize a campaign to win our contract demands.  Our strength is our numbers and our power stems from our ability to mobilize our members in support of our collective demands.

Contract Action Team Job Description 
The volunteer CAT is made up of union leaders and activists including those members of the existing organizing committees. The CAT’s primary job is to organize their co-workers to build membership, take part in pressure tactics (actions) and build our political power needed to achieve our contract demands. The CAT must communicate the concerns of the membership to the Bargaining Committee and communicate updates from the Bargaining Committee to the membership. There will be monthly CAT meetings to plan actions in support of our contract demands and to build political power and a training for all CAT team members prior to the launch of contract negotiations.

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