Executive Board and Leadership

Colorado WINS Executive Board Officers and leadership hail from a variety of backgrounds and from areas across the state ranging from Sterling and Pueblo to the Western Slope and Denver. The Executive Board Officers, District and Department Committee Vice Presidents and the Retiree Chair are nominated and elected by fellow WINS members to represent their interests every three years.

WINS Officers
Executive Director: Timothy Markham

President: Patty Moore, Department of Human Services (CMHIP)
Patty works at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo as a Psych Tech III and was reelected to a second term as President during the WINS Member Convention in Sept. 2015.

Treasurer: Skip Miller, Department of Higher Education (CO School of Mines)

Secretary: David Pertz, Department of Corrections (Delta CC)
David has been working on the Department Negotiations and has accomplished major goals. David feels that all state employees should be treated equally and fairly.

Chapter and Department Committee Vice Presidents
Pat Roybal, Dept. of Higher Education (Adams State University) – District Chapter 1
Rita Uhler, Dept. of Corrections (Sterling CF) – District Chapter 2
Dragan Mejic – Dept. of Higher Education (CU-Boulder), District Chapter 3
Shelly Marquez – Dept. of Human Services (Denver HQ), District Chapter 4
Jacquie Anderson, Dept. of Human Services (Fitzsimons Veterans’ Home)- District Chapter 5
Rich Brinker – Dept. of Human Services (Youth Corrections) District Chapter 6
Dale O’Connor, Dept. of Corrections – Department Committee

Retiree Chair
David Ruchman

Colorado WINS District Chapters

Our organization is divided into six District Chapters, based on counties you reside in. See the map below to find out which District Chapter you belong to. Click on the image to see the map full size.

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