How to elect Union Stewards in CDOT

Members of Colorado WINS within the Colorado Department of Transportation Region One (CDOT-R1) have authorized the election of Union Stewards within their workplace.

If membership within a designated work group reaches majority (50% plus one) they are authorized to elect one of the members to the position of Union Steward. The Union Steward shall serve at the pleasure of the members of that work group until such time as the members within the work group use the procedures outlined herein to select another member to serve in that capacity.

The Colorado WINS Union Steward will be elected by Colorado WINS Members in their work unit in one of two ways:

  • Open Ballot
    In an open ballot election, the members will prepare, using the form provided by Colorado WINS, a complete list of the members of their work group, both Colorado WINS members and non-members. They will fill in the name of the Colorado WINS member selected by consensus as their Union Steward, and by their signatures on the form assent to this choice of Union Steward.
  • Secret Ballot
    If, within the work group, there are two or more members who wish to serve as Union Steward for that shop, and consensus has not been reached on a single candidate for Union Steward, members may use a Secret Ballot to make their decision on who will serve as Union Steward.

If Colorado WINS membership should fall below a majority within the work group, the member designated as Union Steward will no longer be recognized as a Colorado WINS Union Steward.

For more information about Steward elections, contact Geof Cahoon at 303.601.1679 or fill out the form on the right.

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