Colorado Workers for Innovation and New Solutions (WINS) represents state employees who work to ensure our quality of life in communities across Colorado. We work in partnership with the state to improve working conditions, safety, quality of services, conflict resolution, staff attrition, pay and benefits and more to ensure that we have an effective workforce to serve all Coloradans.

Become a Member


As a member of Colorado WINS you get a seat at the table on issues in the workplace and at the legislature. You are part of the collective power of unions and help bring about the victories that improve your life daily. Note:  you cannot be fired or disciplined for joining a union.

What are some advantages of becoming a member?

Visit our members-only benefits page or the SEIU member benefits page to learn more about what benefits you get when you join Colorado WINS.

Colorado WINS members are eligible for the benefits provided to members of the Service Employees International Union, The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the American Federation of Teachers.  More information about these programs can also be found at www.unionplus.org.

How much are dues?

Colorado WINS dues are set by the members themselves and are 1.5% of your monthly base salary (overtime is not counted into the dues percentage). This equals about 2.5 hours of work per month. 

Have other questions?
For more information please contact Colorado WINS directly by emailing info@cowins.org or calling 720-614-1547 to talk to a staff member.


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