Legal Defense Fund

gavelFor members only, Colorado WINS offers additional legal coverage for our law enforcement members through the Legal Defense Fund, a group prepaid legal services plan through the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC-LDF). As a Colorado WINS member you also have access to other discounts and benefits.

Colorado WINS currently covers the $4 monthly rate per member who sign up for the PORAC-LDF Benefit Plan II “Civil & Criminal Actions” coverage. This cost is subject to change.

Administrative Actions:
Administrative actions before the state Personnel Board are covered in-house by Colorado WINS attorneys and includes cases arising within the scope of employment. This representation covers administrative action brought against the employee involving grievances, corrective and disciplinary actions. View and download a PDF brochure that details your rights as a public employee.

To sign up for Legal Defense Fund, please contact one of the Colorado WINS field organizers.


PORAC-LDF Coverage

Covers cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of employment.  Legal representation will be provided by an experienced criminal attorney, from the beginning of the investigation to the end of the trial.  This benefit is available no matter what agency investigates, whether it is local, state or federal.

Covers cases arising from an act or omission within the scope of employment. You will be provided with independent counsel by the LDF if any of the following apply to your case:

  • A legal conflict of interest between you and your employer
  • Inadequate representation by your employer
  • A considerable likelihood that punitive damages could be awarded against you
  • If your employer refuses to represent you for an act or omission within the scope of your employment

In the case that your employer defends and indemnifies you, PORAC-LDF will provide an experienced attorney to monitor your case, answer questions regarding the case, review the pleadings and discovery, watch for conflicts between you and your employer, and watch for inadequate representation.


PORAC-LDF Plan Documents


You can view and download a copy of the PORAC-LDF Plan Documents here (large file, please be patient). You will also receive a printed copy of this booklet with your membership packet once coverage begins.

For any questions regarding the Legal Defense Fund or for coverage start date, contact Pamela Cress, Grievance Coordinator, at 719-545-0677 or pamela.cress@cowins.org.

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