Open Letter to Colorado’s Senate Republicans

As a Colorado Corrections officer you protect the citizens of our state each day. On Friday, July 19, Colorado Senate Republicans proposed that Correctional Officer salaries are more than 33% too high.

Sign your name to this Open Letter to Senate Republicans who want you to take a pay cut.


Open Letter to Colorado’s Senate Republicans

Dear Senate Republicans:

Every day, like many of the people you represent, I get up and go to work as a Colorado corrections officer. Our jobs as corrections officers are tough and dangerous, and we take pride in doing a job that not everyone can. We keep the public safe, often at the risk of our own lives, and we support our families and our communities.

But now I hear my reward for the work that I do, and for putting my life on the line keeping our state safe, is that you and the Senate Republicans want to cut my pay by a third, more than $17,000 a year.

Are you kidding me? This isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous and insulting to me and my fellow officers. You think protecting Coloradans from murderers, rapists, and violent criminals should be done by people making just over minimum wage? You think I should put our citizens’ safety, my personal safety, and my family’s safety, at risk for $12 an hour? You think corrections officers should be paid so little they qualify for public assistance, like many for-profit prison workers?

In 2004, there was a riot at the Crowley for profit-prison. The for-profit prison workers, the people whose salaries you think we should sink to, literally walked off the job and left state corrections workers to stop the riot and clean up the mess. I’m not willing to risk that again, and neither should you. Our work and the safety of the public is not a race to the bottom.

There were legislators who stood with us this past legislative session, and we know who they are. This includes Sen. Giron, who fought for and passed a bill improving our pay and working conditions, including overtime. We remember that Sen. Giron and other legislators had our back. You and the Senate Republicans who signed this letter do not.

You need to take your name off this shameful letter, ask your leadership to withdraw it, and support a pay INCREASE for state workers, including corrections officers.


[your name]



You can read the response to the original July 19 letter from the Colorado WINS Executive Board here.

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