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How do retirees fit into the Colorado WINS organization?
WINS Retirees have a seat on the Colorado WINS Executive Board.  Retiree David Ruchman is the current elected retiree representative to the WINS Executive Board.

Who can be a WINS Retiree member?
Any retired classified employees may become WINS Retiree members.

How much are retiree membership dues?
The dues for WINS Retirees are the same as they were previously under CAPE – $1 for every $1000 of monthly pension benefit, capped at $5/month.

How are WINS Retirees organized?
We represent all state classified retirees for the entire state of Colorado. We have some regional chapters that either hold morning “coffee club” meetings or lunch-hour or evening meals and meetings. We are working to build additional chapters throughout the state. The more chapters we have, the more we will build our political presence throughout Colorado. To add more chapters, we are looking to identify retiree leaders.

Why become a Colorado WINS Retiree?
Membership in WINS Retirees can help keep you informed about PERA and other issues important to you, as well as influence local and state politics. The political process plays a big part in our PERA retirement benefits package, which seems to be under constant attack. Politicians pay attention to numbers – the more active and retired members we have in Colorado WINS, the more political influence we will have. Retirees can aid in the recruitment of both active and retired employees. WINS Retirees can collaborate with active employees in political campaigns and contribute to Committees on Political Education (COPE) to elect politicians that support state employees and PERA.

Interested or need more information?
Contact our office at (303) 727-8040 or info@cowins.org


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