Steward resources

As a Colorado WINS Steward you may be asked by your coworkers to represent them in meetings with management, to help them figure out if an offense is grieveable, or whether an issue can be solved by collective action.

Here are some resources that may help you in your workplace.

The Colorado WINS Steward Pledge:

I, ___________, hereby accept the office of a Colorado WINS Union Steward, with the full knowledge of the responsibilities and duties of such office.

I pledge to:

  • Build power for state workers by bringing new members into the Union
  • Move members to action when necessary
  • Help the workers I represent solve problems at work to improve our lives
  • Work with other Union Stewards to collectively solve system-wide issues
  • Be an excellent example of a worker and Union member
  • Support and uphold the Colorado WINS constitution

I shall at all times endeavor to serve my Local and the Union to the best of my ability, I do solemnly swear.

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