Something not right at your workplace?

Can’t fill out the embedded form? OPEN THE FORM IN A SEPARATE WINDOW.

If you’ve noticed something wrong at your workplace, but you’re not sure what to do about it, let us know through our “Gripe line”.

Just fill out the form on the right to let us know about an incident that occurred and any specifics you can provide.

You can submit anonymously, but if you include your contact info we will be able to follow up with you to get more details.

Some tips on the best submissions:

  • Write down what happened as soon as you have the chance (within 24-48 hours of the incident) to make sure to note all relevant details (who was involved, their position, what occurred, locations, who witnessed it).
  • Be detailed in your timeline, include dates and times if possible.
  • Ask other witnesses to write down and submit their own version of the events.
  • Document what happened, but be mindful of the law.
  • Do not violate HIPAA or any other privacy laws with written or photographic evidence.

If you have any questions about what should be reported, please call Colorado WINS at 303.727.8040 or email us at info@cowins.org.

Please note: this form is not part of any grievance procedure. It simply exists to document incidents at work sites and create documentation for any future actions. This information will not be shared with your work unit or supervisor and will be treated confidentially by Colorado WINS staff.



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